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Save Thousands of Dollars!

One O2 Hurricane Industrial Unit is equal to over 1,000 cans of canned air!

Uses only the air you breathe, no Difluoroethane, no hydrofluorocarbons!

The O2 Hurricane Industrial Unit has no inhalation, frostbite health hazards,danger of explosion or flash fires.

Standard canned air poses many dangers, not the least of which is to children. Most people are surprised to learn that children as young as 8 have used canned air to give them a quick, and often deadly, high. The inhalation of canned air can cause many negative health effects such as brain damage, seizures, permanent impairment of vital organs, hearing loss and even death. Why keep such a dangerous product in the home as a tempation to curious children and teenagers when there is a more effective solution?

What can I use it on?

Blows at Over 200 miles an hour
Has more continuous power than canned air
Blasts for 15 minutes on a charge then
Re-charges like your cell phone
Just uses the Air we Breathe
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The O2 Hurricane Industrial Unit is a simple, innovative idea that has become an affordable revolution against traditional canned air. This product is an inexpensive, permanent and environmentally friendly alternative to canned air dusters and boasts more continuous power than its canned competitors. Purchase one nontoxic Canless Air System and you will never need to buy another can of air again.
Just Air. 100% Safe Around Kids Inhalants are the 4th Most Abused Drug in America
Use it Anywhere! Don't Use near Paper Shredders or Other Electronics
Can't Explode Contents Under Pressure can Explode
Hazardous Waste
Buy it Once -Use it a Lifetime Millions of Cans are dumped into Land Fills
Chemical Agents
It just uses the we breathe Can destroy our Ozone and Toxic to inhale